65% Organic chocolate bar


This is generally a great option for someone who is transitioning from milk chocolate to dark chocolate, as it still has a little bit of sweetness that perfectly balances with the original bitterness of cacao.

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Our 65% organic chocolate bar is generally great for the beginner dark chocolate lovers as it still has a little bit of sweetness that perfectly balances with the great aromas of our cacao Nacional Fino de Aroma. Mashpi Chocolate Artesanal is produced in harmony with nature on a 100% organic farm with Ecuadorian National Cacao and fruit trees. This product contributes to generating social justice and ecological sustainability in the Chocó Forests of Ecuador. We produce chocolate with love and consciousness, by thoughtfully combining the famed cacao of Ecuador with other native tropical fruits, we seek to restore and conserve the land while producing this delicious chocolate. Our fine tasting organic Ecuadorian cacao is exceptional because it grows in equilibrium with the many other plant and animal species living in our plantations. The concentration in this unique bars allow us to harmonize the complex flavors of the cacao and release the balanced notes of red fruits. It is a true elixir for the real chocolate lovers! Click on the top links to learn more about our farm, our process and our values.

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Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3 × .25 in

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