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Cacao pulp is our star item and it is a unique experience to describe. Part of the cacao pod, the pulp is an essential part of the fruit in the fermentation process but  extraordinary on its own. Sour and sweet, similar to molasses and sometimes compared to balsamic, with aromas somewhere between raspberry and figs, cacao pulp is a versatile ingredient in any kitchen. It adapts well to savory creations as it does to sweet ones. Use it as a replacement for balsamic vinager or soy sauce, use it to marinate any meat, mix it with olive oil to create a great salad vinaigrette, add to your granola before baking, use it straight over fruit or decorate a cake with it. To store, treat as honey – keep in a dark cool place away from sunlight in it’s airtight container.

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Use it as a topping on fruit

Cacao pulp comes from the cacao pod, it’s what covers the cacao beans before drying them to make chocolate. The pulp plays an essential role in the chocolate making process as it is necessary player in the fermentation of the bean, but it also makes a great cooking ingredient on its own.

Use it to marinate meats for an exquisite and unique flavor

Great to make your own healthy granola. Try it along with Mashpi cacao nibs!

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