Organic powder, nibs, pulp and surprise bar


Variety pack with 1 cocoa powder, 1 200gr of cacao nibs, 1 2oz jar of cacao pulp and 1 surprise organic chocolate bar. Mashpi Chocolate Artesanal is produces in harmony with nature. A soil recovery project that started a decade ago has turned into conscious artisanal chocolate production, proving that businesses can go hand in hand with environmental care.

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This is a great combination pack of our products, it allows you to have cacao in it’s different formas as it includes a little bit of everything:

200gr. package of cacao nibs,

150gr. package of cacao powder,

2oz jar of cacao pulp and

one randomly selected chocolate bar (it’s a surprise!)

*****Please notice that the picture has a 70% with nibs bar but the package will come a surprise bar, not necessarily a 70%.

We produce chocolate with love and consciousness, by thoughtfully combining the famed cacao of Ecuador with other native tropical fruits, we seek to restore and conserve the land while producing this delicious chocolate.

-Cacao nibs are a great addition to your homemade granola or as a replacement for nuts in recipes. Cacao nibs is a great source of nutrition as it is a good source of antioxidants, fiber, magnesium and flavonoids and has no sugar.

-Our cocoa powder has no added sugar, so anyone can wake up to a cup of hot cocoa without ever feeling guilty. Grandma’s recipe calls for cocoa powder but you’re on a diet? With our 100% cocoa powder, you can go for it!

-Cacao pulp  is our star item and it is a unique experience to describe. Part of the cacao pod, the pulp is an essential part of the fruit in the fermentation process but extraordinary on its own. Sour and sweet, similar to molasses and sometimes compared to balsamic, with aromas somewhere between raspberry and figs, cacao pulp is a versatile ingredient in any kitchen. It adapts well to savory creations as it does to sweet ones. Use it as a replacement for balsamic vinager or soy sauce, use it to marinate any meat, mix it with olive oil to create a great salad vinaigrette, add to your granola before baking, use it straight over fruit or decorate a cake with it. Store in a dark cool place away from sunlight in it’s airtight container.

-Our bars are mindfully produced in our workshop located at the farm. Some bars use additional ingredients such as fruits that have also been grown and harvested in the farm or in adjacent farms, always following our core values of respectful and fair commerce.

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Additional information

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