Valentine’s fave reds


Valentine’s Day special: Valentine’s favorite reds includes one bar of our 65% organic chocolate bar with cardamom and salt, one bar of our 65% organic chocolate with passionfruit and wild pepper, and 70% bar with nibs.  Mashpi Chocolate Artesanal is produces in harmony with nature. A soil recovery project that started a decade ago has turned into conscious artisanal chocolate production, proving that businesses can go hand in hand with environmental care.

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It is time to celebrate our loved one with Valentine’s favorite reds. This packet contains one of each of our red bars:

-65% Organic Chocolate bar with Cardamom and salt

-65% Organic chocolate bar with wild passionfruit and wild pepper

-70% organic chocolate bar with nibs


-Cardamom is a spice of millennial use, a noble cousin of ginger, that due to its multiple uses has attained worldwide fame. In this occasion we fused it with the delicious Mashpi Chocolate, highlighting a pleasant freshness in your palate. We added a touch of salt to provide an innovative, healthy, and very unique combination.

-Our wild passionfruit is a smaller and sweeter version of the popular tropical fruit that grows wild in our agroecological farm. Passionfruit adds floral notes to the chocolate, making the experience of eating craft chocolate more pleasant. Including black pepper in the mix results in a unparalleled and daring journey of flavors.

-Our 70% with nibs bar is the ultimate perfection between chocolate that melts in your mouth and crunch. Our nibs pieces in this bar make it perfect because when you bite into it, the nibs release all the aromas of the forest, while the chocolate part of it melts slowly in your mouth.

We produce chocolate with love and consciousness, by thoughtfully combining the famed cacao of Ecuador with other native tropical fruits, we seek to restore and conserve the land while producing this delicious chocolate.

Our bars are mindfully produced in our workshop located at the farm. Some bars use additional ingredients such as fruits that have also been grown and harvested in the farm or in adjacent farms, always following our core values of respectful and fair commerce.

each bar:
Net weight: 1.76oz (50g)

-Cardamom bar: *Cacao paste, *raw sugar cane, *Cocoa butter, Salt, *Cardamom. (*: organic ingredients). Minimum
65% Cacao.

-Passionfruit bar: *Cacao paste, *raw sugar cane, *Cocoa butter, *wild passionfruit, *black pepper. (*: organic ingredients). Minimum 65% Cacao.

-70% with nibs: *Cacao paste, *raw sugar cane, *cacao butter, *cacao nibs *: organic ingredients. Minimum % 70 Cacao.


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Additional information

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